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You can brand just about anything

Friday, February 11th, 2011

It’s amazing what you can “brand” if you’re creative!  On a recent road trip I noticed new exit signs for service centres/rest stops on Highway 401 – signs for ONroute Centres…and of course, a logo!  (Given that I don’t travel a lot via car, these may not be entirely new, but they were new to me.)  

As a communications and branding professional, I thought this was an interesting “thing” to brand, but then again it is a service, or perhaps even an experience (that’s what the people behind it would like to have us think), so why not?!?  

Since I was intrigued by this, the curious person in me did some digging around and discovered that in fact ONroute is a brand built around a concept that is the result of the Ontario Government’s infamous “infrastructure” money (Open Ontario Plan) and how it is being spent – brilliant!  I guess I shouldn’t be all too surprisied after I discovered that Bruce Mau Design is one of the stakeholders behind this new concept. 

So what can’t you brand is my next question?  What do you think?