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Nice to see the Founder’s Syndrome not always at play

Friday, July 8th, 2011

When I heard recently that the final Twitter co-founder – Biz Stone – was leaving the company in a full-time capacity, I was pleasantly surprised.  Why?  Because this was in stark contrast to the “founder’s syndrome” and stereotype which typically finds founders staying involved longer than is required or productive for the company – well past their “best before dates”. 

Time will tell whether the Twitter founders did the right thing in stepping away from the company in a full-time capacity after 5 years, but at least they had the foresight to succession plan and step away.  

Is this a new trend or an exception to the rule?

Top 10 things I learned from the Stanley Cup Finals

Friday, June 17th, 2011

As a Canadian, I was sad to see the Vancouver Canucks lose in the Stanley Cup finals to the Boston Bruins.  My heart was with Vancouver, but somehow my head was telling me it would be Boston. 

Nonetheless, I still managed to find a silver lining in the loss, and take away some key learning.  Here are the top 10 things I learned from the series, which can be applied to all facets of life and business: 

  1. consistency is critical
  2. momentum gives a great advantage, even when you’re not on home turf
  3. having an enemy gives you focus and motivation – the power of passion
  4. when you’re good you’re always the target of your competition
  5. you’ve got to show up and play to win
  6. it takes a whole team to win, not just star players
  7. size does matter
  8. confidence breeds success
  9. expect the unexpected
  10. it’s not over until it’s over 

Oh and…Hell hath no fury like a Canuck fan scorned (sadly). 

What did you learn, or are you still lamenting the loss and not able to look beyond that?!?!?