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Winning an award before the product is available

Friday, February 18th, 2011

With the opening of the Canadian International Auto Show, I thought it was fitting that I blog about cars! 

Typically you’d expect a product to win an award after it’s launched and available to the target market it was created for, right?  Well that’s what I thought, so I was quite surprised to learn that the Chevrolet Volt won the North American Car of the Year Award announced at this year’s North American International Auto Show in Detroit last month.  

There are two things that are interesting about this: 

1)      First is that the award was won well before the product is available in-market to consumers (who will ultimately be the judges). 
2)      Second is that the award is a result of what reviewers think, not consumers. 

And I thought that the weight of reviewers had diminished in favour of consumer opinion and reviews!  I guess we’ll have to see whether this “endorsement” influences consumer purchases, and whether the consumer vote matches up with the reviewers’ votes! 

I still think it’s amazing to even consider that a product which is not yet available could be a contender – even a winner – for an award.  We’ll see what the reality is once the Volt is in the market and has past the initial hype stage. Hopefully it will be a huge success, in line with all the awards it has won, especially since it is electric, and therefore environmentally-friendly. 

Haven’t they gotten this backwards?  What do you think?