Telemarketers declare yourselves

On my list of my pet peeves is telemarketers – even “legitimate” ones who I am unable to block by being on the “do not call registry” – who hide their identities.  Yes, I have Call Display, and I get tired of seeing “unavailable” (or just a number) for incoming calls which end up being telemarketers, including charities. 

Aren’t these people who want to have a relationship with me, including sometimes also asking me for something – like my business or money to support their causes?  I think I’m owed at least the courtesy of them declaring up front through Call Display who is calling me. 

If the worry is that I will not answer a call because I see who it is from, they are fooling themselves because I can just as easily choose to not answer all incoming calls which I don’t recognize.  That doesn’t put them any further ahead. 

I have Call Display for a reason, and I’m on the “do not call registry” for a reason.  I think it’s sneaky and dishonest for telemarketers to find a way to “hide”. It’s certainly no way to set the stage for having a relationship with me, and especially for asking me for something. 

What do you think?  Is this cowardly or dishonest?  Does it bug you too?

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