Telemarketers declare yourselves

August 19th, 2011

On my list of my pet peeves is telemarketers – even “legitimate” ones who I am unable to block by being on the “do not call registry” – who hide their identities.  Yes, I have Call Display, and I get tired of seeing “unavailable” (or just a number) for incoming calls which end up being telemarketers, including charities. 

Aren’t these people who want to have a relationship with me, including sometimes also asking me for something – like my business or money to support their causes?  I think I’m owed at least the courtesy of them declaring up front through Call Display who is calling me. 

If the worry is that I will not answer a call because I see who it is from, they are fooling themselves because I can just as easily choose to not answer all incoming calls which I don’t recognize.  That doesn’t put them any further ahead. 

I have Call Display for a reason, and I’m on the “do not call registry” for a reason.  I think it’s sneaky and dishonest for telemarketers to find a way to “hide”. It’s certainly no way to set the stage for having a relationship with me, and especially for asking me for something. 

What do you think?  Is this cowardly or dishonest?  Does it bug you too?

Setting an example for our youth and our future leaders

August 12th, 2011

You have to wonder about the frantic, last-minute scrambling to find a solution recently in the U.S. for the financial/debt ceiling crisis, and the example this sets for current and future leaders – whether in business, politics, education, etc.  

What is it showing today’s youth about planning, fiscal responsibility and compromise?   

Maybe I expect too much of leaders but if this is what the youth of today are seeing as “acceptable” then we’re in for many more decades of troubled times. 

Am I reading too much into this?

Respect, fear and consequences – and setting an example

August 5th, 2011

One of my pet peeves is how rampant dialling/talking/texting and driving still is in Ontario, despite it being against the law. 

It continues to amaze me every day the number of people I see who are talking or texting while driving.  Is there no respect for the law (and people’s lives)?  Do drivers not fear being caught and fined?  Are there really consequences to deter drivers? 

Take that one step further to Toronto’s Mayor Rob Ford who was recently “caught” (and subsequently admitted to it) using his mobile phone while driving.  Aren’t people in positions of authority and power – especially in the jurisdiction where a given law is in effect – supposed to set an example and follow that law?!?!? 

I guess it’s no wonder we still have rampant offenders if even our Mayor doesn’t see it fit to abide by the law?!?!? 

I, for one, think Mayor Ford should have offered to pay the fine, regardless of whether he was “caught” by a citizen or the police – if only to set an example to the citizens of his city, and take accountability for his unlawful actions.   That might have helped the cause of having people take the law more seriously – and abide by it. 

Somehow we need to get back to instilling respect, fear and consequences, and then maybe this law has a chance.  I sure hope so, because safety is at stake here – and that includes people’s lives.  How long will it take before attitudes and habits change, and we have a law that is truly obeyed – for all of our sakes?

What do you think?